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Film Quiz Friday: Quizness As Usual

Mark Harrison | 7th August 2020
Put your thinking cap and your quizzing trousers back on for another helping of Friday film trivia, including a whole bunch of ‘un’-titled movies

Film Quiz Fridays: To the Moon and Back!

Mark Harrison | 17th July 2020
Check your left ear, right ear, and final frontier for a Friday film quiz that takes in movie music, sound effects, and space exploration on the big screen

Film Quiz Fridays: Big Willie Style!

Mark Harrison | 3rd July 2020
With pubs re-opening but regular pub quizzes no closer to returning, we’ve got your weekly fix of film questions right here, including a round on the films of Will Smith

Film Quiz Friday: Shark Week!

Mark Harrison | 26th June 2020
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, here are three more rounds of Friday film quizness, including sharks, evil exes, and an unsinkable Molly Brown

Film Quiz Friday: Famous Last Words…

Mark Harrison | 12th June 2020
Dolly back your deckchair in astonishment! It’s time for another Friday film quiz, and some of the questions in this week’s selection come from the very end of the movies they’re about