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Film Quiz Friday: Quiz Noir

Mark Harrison | 16th October 2020
To heck with Technicolour! It’s time for our latest weekly film quiz, featuring questions on modern black-and-white movies and assorted colourful ones too

Film Quiz Friday: The Sequelizer!

Mark Harrison | 9th October 2020
It’s time to separate your First Avenger from your Last Knight with our weekly film quiz, which covers sequels, remakes, and all kinds of films in between

Film Quiz Friday: Holmes Away From Holmes

Mark Harrison | 25th September 2020
The quiz is afoot! American landmarks, sequel subtitles, and the screen lives of Sherlock Holmes are among the subjects of this week’s movie teasers

Film Quiz Friday: Versus Mode!

Mark Harrison | 11th September 2020
Let’s get ready to rumble! Versus movies, long-running franchises, and the 12A certificate are among the subjects in this week’s film quiz

Film Quiz Friday: The Re-Disneyfied Edition

Mark Harrison | 4th September 2020
There’s no Premiere Access required for this week’s quiz, which includes questions about Disney’s live-action remakes and various other bits of movie trivia

Film Quiz Friday: The 180-Minute Edition

Mark Harrison | 28th August 2020
Find a comfy seat and reconsider that extra-large soft drink, because this week’s film quiz covers some movies that are more than three hours long

Film Quiz Friday: Nolan Me, Nolan You…

Mark Harrison | 21st August 2020
Are you watching closely? With Tenet due in cinemas next week, this week’s film quiz covers the movies of Christopher Nolan and a load of other cinematic trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Ask The Audience!

Mark Harrison | 14th August 2020
Can you answer a question with a question? You can with this week’s Friday film quiz, which covers quizzical movie titles and some other trivial goodness

Film Quiz Friday: Quizness As Usual

Mark Harrison | 7th August 2020
Put your thinking cap and your quizzing trousers back on for another helping of Friday film trivia, including a whole bunch of ‘un’-titled movies