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Film Quiz Friday: The Once And Future Quiz

Mark Harrison | 24th September 2021
“One day, a King will come, and the Sword will rise again”  – until then, here’s your weekly film quiz, covering the legends of Arthur and Camelot on screen

Film Quiz Friday: What’s In A Name?

Mark Harrison | 17th September 2021
Fetch your thinking caps and your quizzing trousers – this week’s film quiz covers nicknames, alternate titles, and all kinds of other movie trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Top Of The Pops

Mark Harrison | 10th September 2021
This week’s film quiz covers movies that mustn’t be confused with hit singles of the same name, as part of a veritable buffet of cinematic trivia

Film Quiz Friday: Keanu Means Cool Breeze

Mark Harrison | 3rd September 2021
“You’re breathtaking!” This week’s film quiz has 30 more questions about movies, some of them featuring the most excellent Keanu Reeves

Film Quiz Friday: The Back To The Future Edition

Mark Harrison | 20th August 2021
“Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one” – as Back To The Future finally hits the West End, this week’s film quiz covers the great movie trilogy

Film Quiz Friday: Loose Connections

Mark Harrison | 13th August 2021
We told you we’d be back! Here’s your weekly film quiz, with 30 more questions covering sequels, remakes, and all sorts of other movie-related nonsense

Film Quiz Friday: We’ll Be Back…

Mark Harrison | 23rd July 2021
How well do you know the wit and wisdom of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s characters? Find out in this week’s film quiz

Film Quiz Friday: Movies Have Layers

Mark Harrison | 16th July 2021
In this week’s film quiz, we’re taking a look back at the last 23 years of DreamWorks Animation, along with some live-action movie trivia too

Film Quiz Friday: A Study In Scarlett

Mark Harrison | 9th July 2021
Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson is the subject of this week’s film quiz, along with all the usual bits and bobs of movie trivia

Film Quiz Friday: The $20m Or Less Edition

Mark Harrison | 2nd July 2021
It’s time for another 30 movie questions, and this week’s film quiz covers killer queens, outer-space tyrants, and various Blumhouse productions