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The nine seconds cut from Tenet in the UK

Simon Brew | 28th August 2020
Tenet lost nine seconds to get a 12A certificate in the UK, and it’s now become clear just what was slice out of the film in Britain

Tenet: box office reporting to be restricted for opening weekend

Simon Brew | 26th August 2020
We understand that we won’t be getting traditional box office reporting for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet as it begins its rollout in UK cinemas With so much riding on the opening of Tenet from today, there’s inevitably going to be no shortage of scrutiny once box office figures start to come out for the film

Tenet tickets now on sale in the UK

Dan Cooper | 12th August 2020
It looks like it’s finally going to be released, as tickets go on sale around the UK for Christopher Nolan’s new film, Tenet